A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Healing: Tao Calligraphy Light Massage

Jul 9, 2021

Learn about a new and extraordinary remote massage that bathes you in a Source Healing Field of high-frequency love and light. Developed by Master Zhi Gang Sha, this revolutionary modality can be applied with simple steps to help you heal and transform any aspect of life.

A Revolutionary Way to Heal and Transform Your Life

“Tao Source light carries Source shen qi jing, which is the purest shen qi jing with the greatest power to transform the shen qi jing of every aspect of life.”- Master Zhi Gang Sha

“We have the power to transform our souls, hearts, mind, and every aspect of our lives by using positive matter.” – Dr. and Master Sha & Dr. Rulin Xiu

Thousands of people have been experiencing the amazing benefits of the unique Tao Calligraphy Light Massage. During this stressful time all over the world, this special massage has been helping people find more inner peace, rediscover well-being, and find the strength to go forward with more vitality and hope.

Tao Calligraphy Light Massage is a breakthrough remote healing service that comes from the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field. It is much more than a traditional physical massage and can transform many different aspects of life.

Some may wonder how this can work remotely. Quantum physics can explain the effects of energy at a distance. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and quantum physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu created Tao Science to unite science and spirituality and to explain the Oneness of everyone and everything. In their cutting-edge book Tao Science: The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification, they share the knowledge of quantum entanglement and how states of two or more waves or vibrations are connected. When one or more waves are observed in certain states, the other waves with which they are quantum entangled will instantly manifest the same states, no matter how far they are from each other.

Tao is the ultimate Source of life. Master Sha created a special form of calligraphy, Tao Calligraphy, to help humanity heal. For centuries, Chinese calligraphy has been a revered meditative practice that nurtures well-being and flourishing in life. Master Sha first learned the unique Yi Bi Zi one-stroke form from Professor Li Qiu Yun, who learned it from the teacher of the family of the last emperor of China. Master Sha took this special Yi Bi Zi form to a new special and unique level, infusing the Oneness of Tao in each calligraphy to create a healing field.

The Tao Calligraphy Healing Field gives people access to a pure, positive field and the frequency and vibration of Source love and light. Within this energy field, people are nourished and experience a profound sense of calm and relaxation and open their hearts to receive a healing. Tao Science teaches that soul is equivalent to information. In the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, negative information is transformed into positive information. As positive information infuses soul, heart, mind, and body during the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, negative information is released, and healing occurs. 

In each Tao Calligraphy Light Massage session, participants make a request for an area that needs healing. This can be physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. The gentle energy of the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field permeates the whole being, head to toe, skin to bone. It lifts away the blockages that are preventing people from being healthy and happy.

The Tao Calligraphy Light Massage has helped people with chronic illness and anxiety and depression finally feel better in a natural way. The more time spent in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, the more the healing energy defuses life challenges. It also helps people who are seeking rejuvenation or looking to maintain their good health. In each session, Master Sha offers deep wisdom in a simple way so everyone can understand and integrate the benefits into their daily lives.

 New Participants Receive the Gift of a Free Tao Calligraphy Light Massage: https://drsha.com/experience-tao-calligraphy-light-massage/.

 Hear some heart-opening stories about the amazing benefits of Tao Calligraphy Light Massage:   


Here are just a few stories about how this unique healing massage has brought so much relief from pain and suffering:

Using Tao Calligraphy Light Massage resulted in 30 years of Chronic pain disappeared! Made me truly speechless – During the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, something amazing and extraordinary happened! I began to feel tingling sensations in my abdomen. I have suffered with chronic abdominal pain for over thirty years. I am in pain every day, ranging from 4 to 9 out of 10. The pain has even sent me to the emergency room a few times. Once, I was admitted to the hospital for ten days, but the pain continued. For the past week, the pain had again reached a level 9. When the pain is at this high level, it is very challenging to function and I feel very hopeless. The Tao Light Massage brought immediate relief as my abdominal pain decreased from a level 9 to a level 5. I was so happy. I could function again! Then, the amazing and extraordinary healing experience continued. Over the next twenty-four hours, the level 5 pain reduced to barely a 1! I am truly speechless. My chronic pain and suffering are gone! Tao Light Massage is a most amazing and extraordinary healing and transformation modality.- J. T.

Using Tao Calligraphy Light Massage to Overcome Depression – I felt depressed for a few weeks. Sometimes I would feel better, then worse again-up and down. The night before the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage the pain was especially bad. I had deep emotional pain and felt very hopeless. I just wanted everything to end. Inwardly, I clung to the fact that the next day is the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage with Master Sha and that I would be able to ask for support. During the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, I felt the high frequency and vibration of the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field in my whole body, especially in the area of the heart. A heaviness was taken away from me and I felt calm and peaceful inside. The feeling of lightness lasts and today, a day later, I am positive and hopeful again. For me, it is a miracle, and I am deeply grateful. – Z.N.

Using Tao Calligraphy Light Massage to Restore Sleeping Patterns and Remove Pain – Thank you, Master Sha for your generosity. I have attended your last 2 Tao Calligraphy Light Massage sessions and I experienced profound healing for my spleen. I had a hard time sleeping on my left side and had level 7 pain around my spleen area for more than 5 months. I can now sleep and have no pain. I am beyond grateful for the light and healing you bring to humanity. – M.L.

 Pain Goes from a 6 to a 2  I have suffered from vein insufficiency for some years now. It has gotten gradually worse, causing an internal burning sensation that also has been worsening, sometimes waking me from sleep. In the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, I asked for healing the veins of my right leg. I could feel the burning sensation and tension gradually dissipating. My pain level went down from 6 to between 1-2. Thank you, Master Sha, for bringing this breakthrough healing modality to humanity! M.H. 

Breathing Deeper and Feeling Lighter – I am beyond grateful and moved to tears again and again for Master Sha’s service to humanity. I attended sessions of Tao Light Massage and I deeply feel in my heart, this was life-changing. It is the greatest joy to be washed and cleansed by Tao frequencies and vibration. In the last few weeks, I have experienced difficulties related to the Metal element. My skin is dry and my lungs feel heavy, and sometimes it is difficult to breathe deeply. Right after the Tao Light Massage, my breathing felt 50% deeper and my whole body felt so much lighter. I am looking forward to experiencing the full potential of the results in the next days! – A.M.

 The Tao Calligraphy Light Massage is a unique opportunity to experience another level of peace, happiness, health and well-being, and success. 


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