A Practical Guide to Setting Up Security For Your Church & Ministry is Now Available For Free

Jun 6, 2017

Church Security and Safety has released a free 39-paged ebook and video training series for church and ministry security. Based on five biblical principals, the free security team training course shows others how to start a security ministry.

Church Security and Safety has released on behalf of Hedge Protection Ministries, a free comprehensive church security team training course. The course, which includes a 39-paged e-book and eight training videos looks at 'a hedge of protection' and the five biblical principles that should govern a ministry, before addressing specific areas of needed protection.

More information is available for the free church security training course at http://churchsecurityandsafety.com.

Launched in June, the Church Security and Safety website enables ministries and church members to form, develop and maintain a church security plan and team, as well as effective training to ensure the safety of guests, members, worshipers, church staff, and the building and services.

Based on five biblical principles – take a ministry approach, understanding threats, be proactive, commit, and follow a proven path – the church security team training course shows others how to start a security ministry. As such, the ministry focuses on 'creating levels of deterrence'.

The first level of deterrence is the parking lot or outer perimeter. The second level of deterrence are the doors or base perimeter. The third and final level of deterrence is the actual facility or inner perimeter. While these levels are vital to protecting the church, its staff and constituents, a dispatcher who checks all three areas in real time is the key to creating a successful line of defense. The entire approach is to be customized for the level needed in each congregation, assure not too much or too little for the safety of its members.

Devoted to delivering a high standard of customer service, Hedge Protection Ministries values quality and honesty more than anything else. As such they strive to emulate and promote trust, reduce risk, and make their environment stress-free in all their endeavors.

When asked about the free church security team training course, a Hedge Protection Ministries spokesperson said, β€œIn Texas, it has been unlawful for a volunteer with a license to carry a concealed handgun for self defense (CHL) to serve on a church security team. However, current action under Texas legislation means the law will change on September 1st so volunteers can carry a line of defense. But, it's important to note that these individuals must be volunteers, and not receiving payment for their services, and they also cannot wear a uniform or badge containing the word 'security' or give the appearance of a police officer.”

To find out more about Church Security and Safety and the church security team training course, visit http://churchsecurityandsafety.com.

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