A Healthcare LMS That Improves Workforce Development, Retention and Engagement

Jun 10, 2022

Looking to upgrade your existing Learning Management System? Does your current LMS meet your needs to track, manage, and report on employee learning initiatives? HealthStream offers an easier way to train, manage and develop your workforce.

A Healthcare LMS That Improves Workforce Development, Retention and Engagement

Is your organization struggling with ways to improve learning that engages and retains your top performers?

Through healthcare specific learning solutions, the learning management system from HealthStream gives clients a customizable learning platform that seamlessly incorporates into their daily learning and development.

More information is available at https://www.healthstream.com/solution/learning-performance

The software as a service (SaaS) covers multiple aspects of a healthcare provider’s needs, including required learning, personalized learning paths, customized video content, employee engagement, and improved reporting and analytics.

As the healthcare industry continues to develop and adapt to new challenges and emerging technologies, it is vital for those working in healthcare to be trained and educated on these ongoing changes. Furthermore, making sure healthcare employees are engaged and developed can not only improve retention rates and create the next generation of proven, high-performing leaders, but also lead to better patient care.

The HealthStream Learning platform gives healthcare providers an all-in-one approach to employee training, development and the ability to report on that learning. Additionally, the platform’s customizable features allow clients to create their own learning content for their specific needs that will help them further increase efficiency. Details on the platform’s features can be found here https://www.healthstream.com/solution/learning-performance/learning-management

In addition to helping develop employees, the learning platform also has a range of data tracking and analysis features for areas such as retention rates and training engagement. These detailed insights help clients understand their workforce and allows them to make strategic and cost-saving actions for long-term improvements.

For over 30 years, HealthStream has been focused on empowering healthcare organizations to provide the highest level of care to their patients. The company works with over 4,000 healthcare organizations around the world, and includes partnerships with the American Red Cross, AORN, Sigma, and CareAcademy.

HealthStream works side-by-side with healthcare organizations to ensure that their people are confident, competent, and developed, to the highest possible standards. HealthStream offers healthcare’s most innovative and proven applications, content, and solutions for empowering staff and delivering operational improvement, all available on the #1 platform in healthcare.

Healthcare providers looking to improve their approach to learning should visit:https://www.healthstream.com

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