9 Jaw-Dropping Yoga Poses That Take Mad Skills To Perform


These super advanced yoga poses will amaze you, but once you master them, everyone will praise you for your skills.

1. Bound lifted Lotus pose – such an unbelievable knot…

2. Destroyer of the Universe – is this traditional or innovative yoga?

3. Yoga sleep pose – in a pretzel shape everyone can fit into a luggage

4. Formidable face pose – devoted yoga practitioners have no limits

5. Goddess pose – turning asana into a form of art

6. Handstand Lotus and legs -super extreme yoga posture that calls for professional guidance

7. Ear pressure pose – what a unique perspective on life

8. Half Lotus fold forward – and this yoga pose is insane

9. Scorpion pose – so much flexibility and muscular strength

Bonus: Here is my favorite yoga pose – corpse pose


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