3D Modeling Guide For Newcomers To CAD Software, Design & Slicing Programs

Nov 17, 2023

3D printing is all the rage at the moment, both in the world of business and leisure. Functionalize covers the 3D modeling process in depth so you can start creating masterpieces faster!

If you're thinking about getting started with 3D printing, the first thing you need to master is the modeling process. Using CAD software, you can create the initial design – and this is used to print your finished piece.

But where do you begin? It's simple: everything is covered in this detailed guide from Functionalize! It spans the initial model design, converting this to 'slices', and the different tools available in order for you to create an effective 3D model prior to printing.

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Functionalize provides tips and best practices for using CAD software to model objects for 3D printing, explaining that CAD platforms allow you to digitally construct detailed models that can then be sliced into printable layers and produced on a 3D printer. The author recommends several software options including TinkerCAD, Blender, Sketchup, FreeCAD, Fusion 360, and 3D Printing Design.

The guide also covers important considerations like managing overhangs and holes in objects as well as techniques for minimizing support material needed during printing, along with clear instructions for reinforcing bridges to prevent print failures.

The global 3D printing market is projected to reach $106 billion by 2030 according to Fortune Business Insights. Recognizing this, Functionalize offers advice for newcomers looking to use this transformative technology - whether for business or hobby pursuits.

You will learn how to effectively control model orientation, scale designs to print volume, and choose optimal layer heights. The guide teaches skills like hollowing, splitting, and optimizing models for faster printing and material efficiency - which are important for creating a neat finish.

While the guide can be used as a starting point, if you're pursuing further education on the process, Functionalize recommends seeking out the more extensive documentation provided by each CAD software company. Notable differences exist across the various options, and you will naturally develop preferences for the program you find most intuitively matches your creative approach.

"Figuring out how to create a 3D model for printing means learning about three major areas," the author explains. "You need to be familiar with your preferred CAD software, have knowledge of the 3D printing design requirements and specifications, and possess an understanding of the slicing process."

If you've got the 3D printing itch, make sure you read this guide before starting your first project!

Check out https://functionalize.com/ for any extra info you need!

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