300-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification: Learn Biomechanics & Philosophy Online

Oct 3, 2023

Advance and refine your teaching skillsets with world renown teacher Matt Giordano’s 300-hour teacher training course!

If you’re a yoga teacher and want to deepen your practice, develop delicious sequences, boost your confidence and leadership skills, and enhance your students’ experience, you need to sign up for this course with Matt Giordano (aka TheYogiMatt)!

Well-known for his biomechanical expertise and step-by-step approach to facilitating mind-body awareness, Matt will help you to take your skillset to the next level and give your students a deeper and richer experience!

Book now to receive an early bird discount for the program starting on June 4th, 2023!

Check it all out at https://www.theyogimatt.com/300-hour-online

The 300-hour program is delivered online for you to take at your own pace. Its content comprises 4 core modules, guidance from an assigned mentor, bi-monthly group Zoom meetings, and access to a private Facebook group.

Giordano uses the acronym R.E.A.L to describe the program which first helps students to REFINE their existing skills. Their knowledge is EXPANDED upon through detailed study of anatomy, the chakras, yoga texts, and the teacher’s signature Chromatic System. Learners are encouraged to ALIGN more powerfully with their core purpose and finally, to develop their LEADERSHIP skills. “This might be the most challenging aspect of teaching, and it is why I want to support you, so you feel prepared and confident in leading more profound experiences,” explains Giordano.

Course content is delivered through videos, written material, and quizzes. The first two 85-hour modules are named The Physical and The Heart and include biomechanics, philosophy, meditation, and class theming.

The 80-hour Chromatic Level 1 module covers advanced sequencing techniques and elements of voice delivered with the course creator’s phased teaching methodology. The final 50-hour leadership module covers structuring activities, such as classes, workshops, retreats, and immersion training.

You can choose to take individual modules separately. The full course is Yoga Alliance Certified under the Matt Giordano School of Yoga.

Matt Giordano developed the Chromatic Yoga system in 2014 and opened his first community-focused school in 2016. He travels extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia where he is highly regarded for this technique-based, systematic approach to teaching.

A satisfied graduate said: “Matt Giordano is the best yoga teacher that I have ever met. He has a broad knowledge in all areas of yoga and a focus on anatomy and muscle activation with purpose in order for the yoga student to learn to move consciously and safely.”

To transform your practice and teaching and set yourself up for success, head to The Yogi Matt today!

For more visit https://www.theyogimatt.com/300-hour-online

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