3- To 4-Bedroom Build-To-Rent Housing Near Fort Myers, Florida Soon To Rise

May 23, 2024

Planning on making the move to the Fort Myers area? Consider a premium, affordable, new construction rental home created by MODRN Living.

Fort Myers: Rich In Wildlife, Rich In Culture

Fort Myers lies in the beating heart of Florida - a convergence point between the commercial opportunity that can be found across the state, and the natural beauty that defines it as among America's most beautiful destinations. With stunning natural areas on all sides and a bustling local economy, Fort Myers is an ideal destination for families looking to find a foothold in the South Florida area.

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If you are looking to make the Fort Myers area your home, then you need to hear about the latest new construction project from MODRN Living350 new-construction homes are currently in development on the outskirts of the city, giving families like yours a stylish, modern, affordable rental option.

Coastal Living With A Modern Twist

As the company’s name suggests, the homes that will be constructed in this project will be modern living spaces featuring smart technology and cutting-edge materials. The constructions feature moisture-resistant paneling designed to withstand hurricane-force winds - a necessary safety measure that will also ensure the longevity of these beautiful homes. Several floor plan options are currently available, with ample space for families large and small.

The location of the project has been chosen thanks to its proximity to essential services, grocery stores, recreational opportunities, and natural areas. Visit the world-famous barrier islands, the numerous wildlife reserves, white-sand beaches, golf courses, and more, all within a short drive of the development.

Regarding the project, a spokesperson stated, “ML homes are designed with a contemporary feel, featuring high-quality materials, fixtures, and layouts. Layouts that naturally create outdoor private spaces such as backyards, are perfect for gathering guests and maximizing use of the living spaces. Each house also has its own private garage.”

Modern Problems, MODRN Solutions

As the housing crisis has continued to evolve over the past decade, working-class families are increasingly without options for affordable housing near their place of employment. Fort Myers is no exception; the average employee in the city has a commute approaching 30 minutes in 2024, a number which continues to rise even as the unemployment rate in the area falls.

This crisis is the driving force behind the MODRN living project, with the company seeking to house hundreds of families in the Fort Myers area just as many of their team members have done in other metropolitan areas in the recent past.

The Fort Myers project is being confidently overseen by a team of career entrepreneurs, real estate brokers, and financial officers. Their stated goal in this project is to create affordable housing that stands the test of time, sacrificing nothing in terms of diligence and care in the construction process.

If you are interested in more information about the project, or in submitting a rental application, you can find relevant materials at https://modrnliving.com

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