These 21 Perfectly Timed Photos Will Amaze You


You don’t necessarily have to be a trained photographer to take an awesome host. Sometimes what matters is to be in the right place and to press the button at the right moment.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday activities, which guarantees that we’re always prepared to shoot a picture of a moment that we enjoy and like, or simply want to laugh at later on with our friends.

Here’s our compilation of pictures taken at the right time that capture perfect and quite funny or unexpected moments.

1. A dog that dreams of becoming a deer   2. A dragonfly who found a relative 3. A woman who is marrying a white owl 

4. A plane flying above the skyscrapers

5. Sailors on a moon boat

6. A dog with one ear up

7. A cloud that resembles a dragon

8. A man with a very long hand

9. One see-through cat 

10. A roller coaster that goes into the sky

11. When you throw it, I will catch it.

12. Patriotic drink with the American flag

13. Things you aren’t allowed to do in public

14. A bird that loves water

15. A boy with bubble glasses

16. Another bird dressed in style

17. A kid using magic

18. Beautiful reflection

19. Champions who know how to celebrate

20. The Mouse family

21. BBQ on fire


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