2024 Christian Book Series Answers Questions About Faith, God, & Scripture

May 31, 2024

Offering insights into the Christian faith, Vince Baker, a minister and author, has published a series of books that touch on topics like people’s spiritual connections with God and modern understandings of biblical teachings.

Maintaining strong, unwavering faith and building a deeper connection with God is a personal journey, but you don't have to walk it all alone. Vince Baker's books can guide you!

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This unique book series includes four titles: The Prophetic War of Words, Supernatural Security Clearances, Faith Secrets, and Secret Place, which will be available soon.

All four books were written by Minister, public speaker, and author Vince Baker, with the intention of providing spiritual guidance and answers to a range of faith-based questions using his astute interpretations of biblical scripture.

Secret Place

In the newest book, Secret Place, Vince Baker focuses on the individual's intimate relationship with God, which can be forged, he espouses, within the body's temple.

In this book, you can explore answers to various questions, including "Where is the secret place?", "What does it mean to know God?", "Why are making vows important to God?", and "Can I ask for anything in the New Covenant?"

You'll also find answers to questions about some of God's greatest mysteries. Vince Baker covers questions like "What is the Mystery of the First & Second Temples?", "What is the Hidden Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant?", and "What Does the Tabernacle of David Represent?"

The Prophetic War of Words

Vince Baker's first book, The Prophetic War of Words, centers around what the author refers to as a "war" between the words of God and the words of the devil.

As Baker explains, it is God's will that you, and all true believers, relearn the ancient secrets that were revealed to prophets of the Old Testament and Jesus' closest disciples. By doing so, you can gain the upper hand in your fight to maintain a strong faith and resist the temptations and lies of the devil.

Other Books By Vince Baker

In the book Supernatural Security Clearances, readers can expect to learn Vince Baker's ideas about the secrets hidden in the highest realms of the kingdom of God. Faith Secrets, the second most recent book in this series, is designed to help readers fully understand their faith so they can deepen and strengthen it.

All of Vince Baker's books are available for purchase on Amazon as paperback, hardcover, or Kindle ebooks.

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