2024 Biohack For Increasing Your HRV: Top Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

Jun 25, 2024

Want to biohack your way to a healthier heart and better mood? Pulsetto’s non-invasive, FCC-certified vagus nerve stimulation device will improve your heart rate variability (HRV), lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and depression!

Increasing your HRV basically gives you superpowers concerning cardiovascular and mental health. Vagus nerve stimulation is a quick and effective way to improve your HRV!

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Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device is an easy, effective method for lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, which studies have shown is directly correlated to HRV.

Vagus Nerve & HRV

HRV measures the variation in the time interval between each heartbeat; the slower the heart rate, the longer the intervals, and therefore, the higher the HRV. Studies have revealed HRV to be an important predictor of arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, and all-cause mortality related to cardiovascular disease or complications.

Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device triggers your parasympathetic nervous system to take control of the automatic nervous system, of which HRV is a key indicator.

By wearing the Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device around the back of the neck, you can quickly put your body into a more relaxed state. This, in turn, will slow your heartbeat and increase your HRV, thus improving your heart health in the long term!

HRV & Happiness

Along with heart health and longevity, studies have linked high HRV with a greater resilience to stress and depression. An article published by the Cleveland Clinic explains that individuals with high HRVs tend to feel less stressed and happier than those with low HRVs.

By wearing Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device regularly, you can train your nervous system to spend less time in "fight or flight" mode and more time in "rest and digest" mode. This will increase your HRV in the long term, leading to a more consistently happy mood, greater resiliency during stressful times, and an overall sense of well-being.

Pulsetto Was Made For YOU

Pulsetto is non-invasive, FCC-certified, and designed by leading neuromodulation and sleep experts to improve the quality of your life through better physical, mental, and emotional health.

With your purchase, you'll receive access to Pulsetto's proprietary app, which allows you to easily control your vagus nerve stimulation device from your smartphone.

If you purchase Pulsetto today, you'll also get a FREE month-long trial of the app's premium level, which includes 11 guided meditations, 54 breathing exercises, 1200 positive affirmations, and more!

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