2024 Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device To Relax: Speed Up Meditation Results

Jun 12, 2024

Enhance your meditation sessions with Pulsetto’s FCC-certified vagus nerve stimulation device, which will help you relax, de-stress, lower your anxiety, and achieve all the other benefits of meditating in just minutes!

Meditation is one of the most powerful things you can do for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. But what if you could make it even more effective?

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Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device offers 5 programs specifically designed by leading neuromodulation experts to stress, anxiety, sleep issues, burnout, and pain, helping you enhance your meditation.

The Leading Reason For Meditating

The rate of adults worldwide who meditate is reaching an all-time high in 2024, with current estimates of up to 500 million global meditators. Reducing stress and anxiety is the leading motivation reported by meditators across all age groups.

Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device encourages your mind and body into a relaxed state by triggering your automatic nervous system to replace its stress response, also called "fight or flight" mode, with its "rest and digest" mode.

Reach A Meditative State In Minutes

The vagus nerve stimulation device is to be worn around the back of the neck - it sends gentle electronic pulses into the vagal nerve, prompting it to communicate with the nervous system to relax.

By wearing the device during meditation sessions, your mind and body will be put into a calm, unstressed, and meditative state in just minutes, maximizing the benefits of your meditation session.

Cutting-Edge App

The vagus nerve stimulation device is controlled via the Pulsetto app, which you can easily operate on your smartphone. The app's basic level contains expert-designed programs for relaxation, while the premium level offers three additional stimulations and 11 guided meditations to provide extra support for your meditation practice.

What's more, if you purchase your Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device now, you can enjoy a FREE month-long trial of Pulsetto's premium app!

Effective & Risk-Free

Improved focus is also a leading motivation reported by meditators and is another benefit experienced by Pulsetto customers. After 15 Pulsetto sessions, users report a 47% improvement in focus and a 64% reduction in stress.

The vagus nerve stimulation device has no known negative side effects, making it virtually risk-free in addition to being completely non-invasive, easy to use, fast, and effective.

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