18 No-Meds Pain Removers to Feel Better Instantly!

Aug 28, 2022

Here are 18 No-Meds pain Removers! These involve no medicines, ointments, etc. You just have to do simple steps, for example – touching wood!

18 No-Meds Pain Removers to Feel Better Instantly!

Haven’t you always wished you had a magic tool to free you from your pains? Here are not one, but 18 ways that will make your pain vanish so easily and so quickly IN SECONDS, you will forget that the pain was ever there! And yes, we don’t need any medicine, sprays, ointments, etc.

Works for pain in any part of your body. In fact, 1,000s of people have used these techniques by energy medicine healer, Nidhu B Kapoor and swear by their efficacy and speed for all kinds of pain - headaches, knee, back and even swollen finger!

For instance, Vaishali’s 2-month back pain went in a day! Elizabeth’s 30-year-old knee pain was gone in minutes!

Let’s Go!

1. Two Glasses of Water

Have two glasses of water (one after the other). Yes, as simple as that. You have to try it to believe it! Our water's ability to dissolve toxins, acidity, stuck energies (all of which contribute to pain) is completely overlooked. Check out the MAGIC for yourselves.

Please also have 2 glasses of water before trying any of the following 17 solutions.

2. Breathe

Inhale through the nose, exhale through the area of pain. Repeat.

3. Breath with OM

Inhale through the nose, exhale through the area of pain while thinking OMMM (on the exhale)

4. Vayu Mudra

The importance of managing the wind and fire elements in the body for pain release cannot be overemphasised. Vayu mudra, for reducing the wind element is with the thumb over bent index finger with the other fingers upright. This is meant to be used only at the time of a pain. It is a lifesaver for gas pains, bloating and tummy cramps.

5. Pain-killer Mudra

Hold index finger plus middle finger together with the opposite hand for at least 10 minutes. Begin on the side where there is more pain.

6. Tapping

You can also tap the index and middle fingers with the thumb as shown. This calms down both, the wind and fire element in the body, as both in excess contribute to pain.

7. Right palm over left palm

Place the right palm over the left palm over the area of pain. Shake hand when it feels heavy or hot and repeat. You should begin to feel better in minutes.

8. One or both palms

Keep one or both palms on the area, if your pain allows. When the palm gets heavy or hot, shake off the palm and repeat.

Unlike the previous palm hold, in this, the palms naturally touch the area or surrounding area. The palms may or may not touch each other.

9. Poke, clap, snap!

Poke or clap or snap fingers or ring a bell over the area of pain. Do it for at least 3-5 minutes. You will be totally amazed by this!

Note: You can do one or more or all of these together.

10. Trace O2

Trace O2 (symbol of oxygen) around the area of pain. If possible, encompass and touch the area. If not, do it over the area.

11. Blowing, sweeping or plucking

Blow, sweep or pluck over the area of pain. After you pluck, make a throwing motion towards a lit candle or towards an open / transparent window

12. Touch Wood

Touch wood! With one or both hands, for about 5 minutes. Wood is a neutraliser and removes bad energies.

13. Say The Decree

Here’s a reminder to drink two glasses of water before trying any of the 18 solutions shared here, especially this one. So after having water, say, “pain, You Can Leave Now” - 10 times. Have some water again. Congratulations! You have just used the fastest healing technology in the world, The Decrees - simply put, action statements on steroids or mantras in English that work in SECONDS! These are cosmically charged words / commands. Speaking them takes a couple of SECONDS and the shifts they bring ALSO take just a couple of SECONDS!

14. Decree + Snapping

Say ABRACADABRA and snap your fingers over the area, 3 times

15. Visualisation

Visualise the knot inside opening

16. Visualisation + Decree

While visualising the knot opening, Give another Decree - “knots, You Can Open Now, knotted, You Can Leave Now” X 3 times

17. Introspection

Introspect and contemplate on where you are unwilling to change. Pain comes when we refuse to listen to our inner guidance. Maybe you need to slow down, maybe you need to reflect, maybe you need to breathe, maybe you need to change direction...

18. Trace on the body

Trace the letters ZINC on areas that are red, hot or burning. Write above the area if you can't touch it.

All of these steps are tried and tested by Nidhu, the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies team and over a 1,000 of Nidhu’s clients. Next, Nidhu looks at introducing another powerful energy medicine technique called Divine Tap - One Second Miracles. Before that, you can try The Decrees (point 13 above) and enjoy great success. Join 3 super-fun challenges where all one needs to do is spend 5 minutes for 5 days with The Decrees to (i) release excess weight (ii) double the bank balance and (iii) achieve super positivity quickly and with ease. Click the link to know more about challenges and sign up AT NO CHARGE: https://www.mysticlotusgold.com/why-challenges-are-so-important-article

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