18 Totally Fine Reactions Every Adults Can Do


Without kidding these are reactions that are totally normal for adults (heh). Here are some funny social media posts that are so accurate they are funny and painful at the same time.

1. You don’t talk like that to me!

2. And keep on embarassing them please.

3. Yeah, why do parents not reply instantly, what are they doing??

4. And we will have three children.

5. Watch out, he knows kung-fu

6. Damn fine, son

7. But mooooooom

8. And you just want to throw them out of the window

9. Accurate depiction of how men and women think

10. That means you are LOL

11. What a very productive day, time to rest

12. When I become a parent I will be as savage as I am now

13. She has issues, I tell you

14. LMAO

15. Because meme is life

16. And you just want to claw off their face

17. This is what I mean when I said I will commit suicide

18. Suddenly transforms into Mexican