15 Hilarious FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Names That Are Perfect For Great Achievers


Are you looking for a new name for your FIFA 18 Team?

We know that naming a team is a difficult task. That’s why we decided to make your job easier, by giving you our favorite FIFA 18 Ultimate team names.

This list is a good reference for funny, original or clever ideas for the name of your own team. The rest is in your hands.

Go for a clever name and for the Goal!

1.Cereal Killers

2. Dolce and Lallana

3. Farcelona

4. The Walking Dede

5. Kante Touch This

6. Nice to Michu

7. Shut The Facup

8. Man ChestHair Utd

9. The Wizard of Ozil

10. Smalling than you

11. For Fuchs Sake

12. Things are getting Messi

13. Game of Stones

14. Guns N Moses

15. Blink 1 Eto’o

So do you have any awesome ideas for your team? Share in the comments below.


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