15 Acts Of Sarcasm That Make Us Proud To Be Smartasses


People should not be underestimated especially those who know how to apply sarcasm in their everyday life. They deserve to be honored because not everyone can be funny on the fly.

This list of awesome acts of sarcasm does exactly that, praises the witty and sarcastic among us. Plus it proves that sarcasm can be both brilliant and hilarious.

1. This shop owner knows how to inform customers of the working hours.

2. You got me, Siri.

3. Carefully with the dry paint.

4. We will not give up, we won’t die from stubbornness.

5. Do you notice this hint of reasonably-priced sarcasm?

6. Wondering where to put your chewing gum?

7. That quote was unexpected.

8.  A milk carton on the refrigerator door, literally. 

9. What happened to that door?

10. Thank you letter for a great sacrifice. 

11. Someone has touched this slice of pizza. What is worse, they haven’t finished it. 

12. Can this student pass a test with sarcasm?

13. What bothers me is the choice of font. 

14. These UCSD students are sharing their expertise

15. You’ve been warned of the jazz hands.


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