14 Reasons Your Mother Is The Best Person In Your Life


Thanks for giving me the place in your womb where I could stay and grow. Our eternal love and bonding had started long back when I breathed through your heart. With each passing day, I gave you many sleepless nights, and tortured you by taking your appetite but you managed to nourish me with warmth and love. Those nine months must have been a decade for you I know. With so much effort and excruciating pains, you carried me and transformed me into a beautiful flower. Today, I have grown up, but you still take care of me the same way you did when I was a fetus because you are still scared if I will break down.  That’s why mom, you are my only God!

Here are a few reasons why I can’t live my life without you:

1. You made me see this beautiful world. Thank you for this!



2. I am so used to seeing your face when I wake up in the morning.


3. You call me up every time to find out if I am ok.

It sometimes irritates me but I would miss if you stop doing.



4. You are the first person whom I called when I started speaking.




5. How can I forget your face with thousands of questions when you wait for me to come back home.



6. You don’t sleep the whole night when I fall sick.



7. You leave the best part of the food just for me.



8. You bear all my silly tantrums and still love me.



9. I am not happy when you are not around.



10. You cook for me anytime because you can feel my hunger.



11. You know where my clothes are when the house is a mess.



12. You forgive me for every small and big mistake I make.



13. I love to surprise you with things you want whenever I go out for shopping.



14. You are my first teacher.  How I learn from you to be a good human being and the rest doesn’t matter.