14 Brutal Crusade Memes That Reveal the True Mission of the Modern Knight


Are you curious to see what it takes to be a crusader? 

The following memes put the world of Crusaders under a microscope. They reveal a lot about the crusaders’ understanding of the role of the leader, people and heretics.

They provide great insights on everything from ways for conquering the Holy Land to tips on thinking, dressing up and behaving like a true Crusader.

What is your take on the state of knighthood today?

1. Hot, hot, hot… smoky …

crusade knight memes

2. The fashionable choice

3. Special orders

crusade knight memes

4. One for all, all for… whaaat?

5. Recruiting the crusade way

6. Here I come..

.crusade knight memes

7. Want, want, want…

8. Conducting a comparative research like a pro

crusade knight memes

9. What did my eyes just see?

10. Are you up for an honorable mission?

crusade knight memes

11. Days off

12. All roads lead to Jerusalem

crusade knight memes

13. Should have used Google maps or a GPS

crusade knight memes

14. Crusader Niggas

crusade knight memes



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