13 Funny What3Words Private & Business Addresses That You’d Want To Own


What3words is an innovative global addressing system that uses a combination of 3 words to describe physical locations on the Earth. It divides the surface into 3m x 3m squares and allocates a unique name for each square. The system makes it easier for people to find locations because it substitutes the difficult GPS coordinates and long postcodes with 3 words, that are easier to share and recall.

The idea is very innovative and practical. Just imagine… a friend of yours wants to meet you somewhere in the huge Central Park in New York but he doesn’t know where the statue of Peter Pan is. You can guide him to the exact location by saying Union.prop.enjoy or another 3-word combination that refers to the name of a 3m x 3m Square in Central Park.


To avoid confusions. similar-sounding addresses are placed as far from each other as possible. But sometimes the combinations of 3 random words are so hilarious. Some 3-word addresses should go down in history as the funniest and most embarrassing ones.

Here are some of our favorite ones.

1.I am having atomic.dining.today.


2.Be my guest at stiff.little.finger


3. My address is needy.member.smoked. Why don’t you come and visit?

4. Maybe.Another.Day is a hospital in New York!

5. Credit.card.denied is a 3-word address in Ontario.


6. Under.water.loans is a place south of London.

7. Shame.without.regret is where you want to go in Norway. Or as an alternative, if you live close to Alaska, you should visit regret.without.shame.


8. Winter.winter.winter is where people are going in Chicago.

9. Summer.sunshine.happy is a top happy destination in Beijing.


10. Forgotten.previous.husband is in the middle of the south Atlantic ocean, a favorite spot for desperate souls.


11. Imaginary.future.partner is somewhere far away in Russia.

12. Glorified.bodily.passage is in a farmland in the Netherlands, near Wijk en Aalburg.


13. Beats.member.daily is a dangerous place in a gated community on Long Island.

14. Inflamed.flesh.massaged is a farmland near Stoke-on-Trent in England.