12 Comedian Stand Up Quotes That Philosophically Question Every Aspect of Human Life


“You’ve never met an Indian bloke, you’ve never heard an Indian joke…”

Here are a couple of some great ones with philosophy and humor at their core.

1. Writer vs lawyer

Stand Up Quotes

2. Every Indian mom has a three-second rule.

Stand Up Quotes

3. When you grow up introvertedStand Up Quotes

4. The other thing we’re taught at homeStand Up Quotes

5. They do romantic things together, without realising. Stand Up Quotes

6. You’ve got to acknowledge what a miracle of technology these things areStand Up Quotes

7. No one gives you any respect if…Stand Up Quotes

8.  Are you from Bombay? Stand Up Quotes

9.  They described me as a fiery feminist.Stand Up Quotes

10. I was taught the art of farting Stand Up Quotes

11. Superheroes wouldn’t be superheroes if their mother were aliveStand Up Quotes

12. We love violence, we love murder.Stand Up Quotes