11 Moments Every Ex-Student Of Kendriya Vidyalaya School Will Always Remember


School days have always been the best part of life for every one of us. And why not, these are the most memorable days one can ever have with so many funny and crazy moments. And if you have been a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya school, you will always have these nostalgic and unforgettable moments which you will carry in your heart forever.

1. That moment when you had to sing early morning prayer

“Asatomaa sad gamaya….Tamasomaa jyotirgamaya….Mrityormaa amritam gamaya….”

How can you forget this morning prayer? Did you ever open our eyes in the middle of the prayer just to see if others were really singing? I am sure you did.




2. The four school houses: Raman, Shivaji, Ashoka, and Tagore and the competition among them.

Which one was yours? Remember getting disappointed when you and your best friend were not in the same houses and you wish you were together.




3. We all were pretty excited in extra curricular activities as we called CCA.

Participating in various activities like recitation, dancing and singing competition, debate,  sports, and waiting for the result the very next day was a big excitement .




4. Singing “goooood morrrninng sir/madam….” in the same tune when a teacher enters the classroom.




5. That weird feeling when you reach late in the school and stand outside the gate while others are offering prayers in the assembly ground.



6. And do you still remember your ‘crush’ you had in school? We all do.



7. Getting excited and running to our seats when the teacher comes with a bundle of unit test paper.




8. That moment when you requested the teacher to give game class as soon as he/she enters the classroom. And your teacher said NO…!



9. Bunking the mass PT by hiding in all the possible areas and having fear of getting caught by teachers.

We were too small to understand the purpose of exercise.




10. The 30 mins lunch break was never enough. We needed more. And do you remember how we rushed into the classroom not to miss the attendance?

stanley ka dabba


11. The two days annual function was always long awaited.

Staying away from books and enjoying all that beautiful dance performances by students, prize distribution, and eating snacks were such a fun.


Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) is the place where students from different communities feel the togetherness under one roof.

(A guest post by The DailyMoss reader)


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