10 Funny Xbox Memes That All Passionate Game Players Will Enjoy


What do you usually do in your free time? Do you read books, go out with friends or… maybe you are a passionate game player and prefer to play video games?

FIFA, UFC, Call of Duty… these words not only sound familiar but are the first thing you think of when someone asks you “What are you up to?”

We feel you, my friend. Because we are also craving for a couple of (well-spent) hours playing Xbox, we decided to share our collection of favorite Xbox memes. Let’s celebrate together our healthy relationship with or to be honest, mini-addition to video games.


1. … game over


2. Oh well…
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3. Oh, come on, man…
Call of Duty


4. Clash of the titans


5.  Can’t you make them all the same..?!
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6. *insert 5 min cursing here*
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7. No words needed


8. Simple as that… Okay?
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9. Wait for it… wait for it…
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10. That evolution
Xbox x one x box x



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