10 Funny Dad Jokes That Can Fill The World With Laughter – One Joke At A Time!

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What’s your most favorite dad joke of all time? Here are some of the most popular and shared ones by our community. We’ve put together some pretty funny clean jokes and have tested them on our own kids and relatives.

If you have other short, clean dad jokes that make you and children around you laugh, send them to us or share them in the comments below.

Where do pigs sleep in the summertime?
In ham-mocks.

funny dad jokes

How did the crocodile get to the top of the building?
He took the ele-gator.

Why didn’t the dog get caught stealing hte bone?
Because he flea-ed the scnee before the cops showed up.

Why was the restaurant owner having a tought time getting his website running?
Because he didn’t have a good server.

funny dad jokes

What did the dog do when he couldn’t afford to buy a new car?
He leash-ed one.

What do you call a Southwestern dish that’s been in the freezer.
A burrr-ito.

funny dad jokes

Why didn’t the oatmeal cookie like the chocolate cookie?
It had a chip on its shoulder.

What’s the best way to see the constellations up close?
Climb up the star-case.

funny dad jokes

Are restaurants on Jupiter any good?
Well, the food is tasty, but the restaurants lack atmosphere.

Why do reporters like to go to ice cream parlors?
Because that’s where they get their scoops.