10 Funny Boot Memes That Kick Major Ass


What’s not to love about boots? They’re tough, sturdy, dependable, and will take you practically anywhere. They’ll also kick the ass of your foes, if you know how to use them – and they make damn good meme material, too.

Check out these ten funny boot memes for some major ass-kicking!

1. The Chuck Norris boot meme.

booy meme

2. The clue.

boot meme

3. Hunter boots.

boot meme

4. Not the best boots.

boot meme

5. The surprise snake.

boot 6

6. Spider POV.

boot 7

7. The sexy ones.

boot meme

8. The sissy slippers.

boot meme

9. Ugg season.

boot 9

10. The grumpy boot.

boot meme

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