10 Features That Make Xperiencify the Best Platform for Your Online Training Course

Jul 28, 2021

There are many platforms to host your training course. Here are 10 features that stand out and make Xperiencify, the best platform of today.

Have you thought about creating a training program, but have no idea which program to use? That was me about a year and a half ago! I am the editor of DeskDemon, a website for Administrative Professionals decided to create training courses to help CEOs develop better partnership relationships with their Assistants. About two year ago, I created my first online course. After researching different LMS training platforms, I decided to publish this course on Thinkific, it was a nice platform, used by many, and was less costly than Kajabi, another well-known platform. After a while, the decision was made to move to Teachable, which was extremely similar in function to Thinkific. Teachable had a version where it would save money on the fee transactions. Assistants purchased the program but the completion rate, was not as desired. Neither of these platforms was a good fit. Then I found Xperiencify. Xperiencify is a platform that focused on results and the user experience. It has the methodology that other platforms are lacking, psychology and gamification. Xperiencify uses 7 powerful psychological triggers that keep the students moving forward. I wanted a course that actually helped assistants get the results and helped them become partners to their bosses. Xperiencify was a better fit and what I was looking for.

Since transferring the courses to Xperiencify, student engagement has increased as well as the overall success of the course. Today, I share my top 10 reasons why I chose Xperiencify and how it has contributed to the success of the training courses.

Course Timers – The course timers are a way to have the students feel accountable in a set timeline. It gives a mental incentive to finish a course in that timeline. If someone is told they should finish a course in two weeks, they will strive to finish the course in two weeks. When it is open-ended, many times the student doesn’t feel that “obligation” to finish in the set time, and as time goes by and life gets in the way, they don’t finish the course.

Mission Statements – Xperiencify suggests you create a mission statement that lets the student know what the end results will be. It is more than just a tagline. This is great because the student clearly knows what the end results will be when they complete the course. (What “they” will get out of the course)

Goals – Goals are tailored for each individual course. Each course has a minimum goal, a target goal, and a stretch goal. This gives the student something to strive for and the course a purpose. The student may choose the stretch goal but only achieve the target goal. This still triggers a reaction of success. It can also get that student who may only go for the target, but then push them to achieve the stretch goal. These goals let the student visualize what success is, so they are more likely to succeed and achieve the goal they choose.

XP and XXP – XP and XXP are points that are given throughout the training program. You can assign as many or as few points to each action taken. Each XP is a mini psychological reward. The student gets a point, plus an audio stimulation with a sound, such as a bling, cha-ching, woohoo. XPs points are fun to many students. They can be used for engagement and some fun as well.

Pre-Actions – Pre-Actions are great ways to get the housekeeping items done! Plus, as they give the XPs when completed, they are a great way to start your student’s excitement. It gets them ready to go before they even start the course. You can have them whitelist emails, join groups, download course materials, complete a survey, etc. It is a great way to get the information you need or the student needs before the course starts!

Celebrations – Celebrations are truly an asset of Xperiencify. Rewarding the student at random intervals excites the students and gives them encouragement and a feeling of success. Students want to do well and giving them a celebration gives them a mental boost and a desire to continue. It really gives a dopamine boost!

Suggestions & Improvements – The team at Xperiencify actually cares about their user’s success. On each course, they have suggestions on items that can be done or implemented to improve the success. It is a simple but sometimes missed benefit when looked at one that helps increase the success of the course.

Next Actions – Many courses are built on watching a video, then move on to the next video. Xperiencify rewards (with the XPs) action taken. The “next action” is a task that is created after every video or written lesson that reinforces what the student was to learn in that lesson. Each lesson can have as many next actions as needed. It is a step that shows the student they are moving towards their goal.

Emails / SMS – Other platforms include emails. Xperiencify has triggers and emails that take sending updates, emails, and messages to the next level. Xpriencify includes a playbook of pre-written emails for different scenarios including abandoned carts, a student that has not logged on, encouraging emails for different successes in the course. You can also send SMS for when a student does well. These emails and texts are editable, and one can customize them with their own message and style. Using an email template or SMS message may bring back a potentially lost customer and other emails or text messages can help a student keep on track with just an email of encouragement.

Triggers to Facebook – Xperiencify connects with Facebook and has an option that can set up messages to post to Facebook automatically. Messages can be created when a student first logs on, for finishing a complicated lesson, for getting halfway through the course, for finishing the courses, just to name a few of the triggers. Each “message” can have multiple versions. This makes the message look very personalized and not automated. This is a way to have the students receive acknowledgments or congratulations at different points in the course. It helps the student feel engaged and encouraged.

What is great about Xperiencify is these are just 10 reasons. There are many other tasks, features and aspects of the platform that makes Xperiencify the best platform for anyone who wants their students and their training programs to produce actual results. If you have an assistant and would like to increase the communications between you and your assistant, improve your assistant’s ability to anticipate your work challenges (aka, be that “Mind Reader”) and become that vital part of the executive team and emerge as a true asset and trusted partner to you and to the company, visit http://www.deskdemon.com/pages/btu-course. If you are a course creator and would like to try Xperiencify for 14 days, visit https://try.xperiencify.com/a/d1d30a62/ .

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