10 Card Challenge: Send Out Heartfelt Greetings, Birthday Wishes & Thank Yous

May 11, 2024

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much they mean to you! In fact, join Ann Arbor Send Out Cards’ popular 10 Card Challenge and do it now!

When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Who was the last person you wished a 'happy birthday' to? If it's hard for you to remember it's probably because it was too long ago. Don't wait for so much time to pass — tell people how you really feel now with the help of Ann Arbor Send Out Cards! Their 10 Card Challenge involves you crafting and sending out 10 greeting cards to 10 different people over a 20-day period. The purpose of the challenge is to deepen relationships, leave lasting impressions, and inspire you to share your feelings with others.

Go to https://www.promptings.com/cardchallenge?sponsor=68003 to learn more about the challenge.

What Is The 10 Card Challenge?

The 10 Card Challenge is the brainchild of Kody Bateman, founder of the Promptings Movement, a grassroots effort to foster genuine human connections and change the way people express themselves. After failing to act on a prompting regarding his brother over 30 years ago, he made a commitment to not let others make the same mistake he did.

“Heartfelt messages have always been the best way to act on promptings,” explained Bateman. “Our 10 Card Challenge gives you the opportunity to make a profound impact on those you care about.”

How Do I Participate?

Taking part in the 10 Card Challenge is simple. All you have to do is purchase 10 cards through the Promptings website, inscribe them with personalized messages, and then mail them to your desired recipients. With each order of 10 cards, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards supplies enough postage to ensure they get to their intended locations no matter where they are in the world.

In its curated catalog, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards has a wide variety of professionally designed cards for you to choose from. From ‘thank you’ notes and well wishes to birthday cards and holiday-themed grams, they have something for every event or scenario.

What Do I Get Out Of It?

By acting on promptings and mailing out 10 greeting cards, you not only change the lives of the people you send them to, but you also improve your own self-worth, self-esteem, and self-image.

Moreover, you encourage the people you send them to pay it forward so to speak, creating a multiplying effect that can significantly uplift, inspire, and energize entire groups of people. Because there are no limits on where the cards can be sent to, this chain can go on and on across borders and cultures.

“Giving someone a heartfelt greeting card is a simple gesture that goes a long way,” said a satisfied participant. “With all of the digital interfaces we use nowadays, it’s easy to forget the faces behind the messages. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are tangible, thoughtful, and personal. They show that you care.”

Order your first batch of 10 cards by visiting https://www.promptings.com/cardchallenge?sponsor=68003

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