10 Brilliant Road Signs That Remain Completely Misunderstood


We often take them for granted.

Even if we pass by them, we rarely take notice of them.

But once we do and try to read the stuff they say, we become completely confused.

Road signs have one simple mission: they’re used as a device for communication.

However, sometimes we have no idea what people are trying to communicate through them.

Here are some pictures of signs that make you wonder what people meant by putting them on that spot and creating them at the very first place.

1. Over the rainbow 

2. Beware of the High heels

3. Dinosaurs ahead

4. And heavy pedestrians

5. Riders of headless horses

6. Ban of … what?

7. Strange hitchhikers ? 

8. One-way ticket to Accident, please.

9. Go fish

10. I’m scared to dead by this sign.


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