#1 Nevada, MO Residential Roofers Install Durable Shingles For Roof Replacements

Apr 22, 2024

Your roof needs quality materials to withstand the Kansas City-area weather – and that’s the truth! For that, trust Overton Contracting… serving Nevada, MO and nearby! Call +1-660-890-9573 today to book your roof replacement service.

Trusted Nevada, MO Roofers At Your Service!

When it’s time to schedule a roof replacement, you need peace of mind that you’re getting quality materials. Overton Contracting offers exactly that, fitting trusted products that meet the highest standards.

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You have access to an extended array of roof construction options as part of replacement projects. Has your system seen damage as a result of weather-based wear and tear? Overton Contracting provides upgrades in line with modern renovation standards. Call them to install durable shingles, industry-proven skylights, and more.

The Kansas City-area roofers name VELUX, F-Wave, and DaVinci Roofscapes among the branded products it supplies during roof replacements. Overton Contracting is ready to meet your demand for quality materials while building roof structures and systems with enhanced visual appeal.

Panicking about paperwork?

Don’t worry - these roofing professionals are also experienced in working with insurance providers. As such, they’re able to help navigate your claim while communicating directly with insurance companies - facilitating a streamlined overall process on your behalf.

Its team cites figures suggesting that insurance claims are typically submitted regarding roofing work once a decade or so - more often than you'd like, considering the expected durability of common roofing systems!

“The average homeowner files a roofing claim under insurance every 8 to 11 years,” explains an Overton Contracting representative. “In perfect weather, your average shingle should last 30 years.” 

To meet and even surpass such longevity targets, then, Overton Contracting is equipped to install specialist shingles built from what it calls class-3 and class-4 impact-resistant materials. These are purposely designed with durability in mind, protecting your home from adverse weather conditions on a long-term basis.

Cognizant of versatile roofing needs and preferences, Overton Contracting is positioned to fit materials that align with your tailored project requirements. In addition to asphalt shingles, you can trust this company to install standing seam and tile or concrete systems… you name it!

You can get an estimate for Overton Contracting’s services via its official website or by calling the team over the phone…

“I really enjoyed working with Overton Contracting,” said one recent client. “The crew was fast and did a great job on our roof and guttering.” 

Make sure your roof is ready to face the storm…

Are you in the city of Nevada or across the Kansas City metro area?

Check out https://overtoncontractingco.com/ to learn more about Overton Contracting and its roof replacement services!

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