Try Not to Laugh When You See These 29 Sarcastic Text Message Responses


We all have some friends or relatives on our contact list who are simply masters of Sarcasm. They know how to be sarcastic or funny, without being misunderstood.

That’s a skill that they have developed and happily using to their benefit.

Here are some sarcastic messages for you to enjoy, laugh at or why not, copy and for those who need an additional lesson in sarcasm.

1. Guess who’s going on a date.

2. Make a wish.

3. Eating raw food is good for your health.

4. I broke your Xbox. 

5. I’ve really fallen for you.

6. That’s how I roll.

7. Throw the second punch 

8. You’re coming to my wedding.

9. Did you “nice” your own joke?

10. We’re going to buy you a car.

11. My friend changed all my contact names. Who are you?

12. How’s our pregnant little daughter?

13. Send me a dirty pic.


14. Message me back when you can.

15. The flea shampoo for the fleatless. 

16. Mom, where are you?

17. Let me copy your homework.  18. Are you single?

19. Someday you’ll love another girl. 

20. Who is this?

21. Sorry, I was busy. 

22. Is your bed comfortable?

23. Whatchya doin?

24. This is Patrick.

25. What to know a dog secret?

26. I got a job.

27. I had a sex dream about you.

28. Too gorgeous to be single.  29. What you doin tognith?


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