The Best Bike And Moped Rentals For A Holiday Without Traffic Jams In The French Riviera Cannes Antibes & Nice

Mar 21, 2017

Discover the best bike, scooter and motorcycle rentals in the French Riviera to ride along the coast and enjoy the amazing Mediterranean views or niftily get around in the city center and enjoy a fun, easy holiday without all those without traffic jams, costly parking or long, tiring walks.

The renowned Holiday Bikes has announced an expansion of its highly popular and sought after holiday bike, scooter and motorcycle rental services available for tourists in Cannes, Nice, Antibes and other areas of the French Riviera.

More information is available at

The Holiday Bikes is a highly popular two wheel rental agency based in Cannes, providing some of the best bicycle, scooter and motorcycle rentals at some of the most affordable prices in the area for tourists or locals looking to explore and get around the French Riviera in the most simple, fast and fun way possible.

The company has now announced an expansion of its leading bike, scooter and motorbike rentals, including a range of comfortable urban, mountain, hybrid, racer or electrical bicycles for every taste and budget along with 50 to 600cm3 Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki, BMW or Yamaha scooters and even larger motorcycles such as Ducati’s or the classy Harley Davidson.

The holiday bikes, scooters and motorcycles are available for affordable intra-day, 24h or weekly rental to allow tourists to freely ride along the coast, enjoy the scenery and Mediterranean landscapes or easily explore the historic city centers of towns like Cannes, Antibes or Nice using its numerous bike trails and paths, without having to face traffic jams, costly parking or tiring walks.

Bookings and reservations for any holiday bikes, scooters and motorcycles can be made at +33 497 063 063 or through the website link provided above along with further details on the extensive range of comfortable, nifty and classy bikes, mopeds or motorcycles available, its affordable intra-day, daily or weekly pricing and the advantages of exploring the French Riviera on a bike, moped or motorcycle as opposed to walking or driving.

The Holiday Bikes team explains that “thanks to its numerous bike trails, tourists can cross Cannes, Antibes or Nice safely and explore its patrimony, stroll through town or enjoy the beautiful scenery and different views of the Mediterranean without traffic jams or expensive parking. These cities also have bikes all over the town that anyone can “rent” by the hour but those are usually bulky, uncomfortable, that’s why most choose to rent at Holiday Bikes.”

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