15 Ridiculous Stereotypes Indians Need To Get Over

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Stereotyping is an extremely common manner of categorising people into different groups. More often than not stereotypes become to be accepted as truths when they actually not be anything close to the reality. Stereotypes make people judgemental and gives way to prejudices and discrimination. We bring to you a set of fifteen most common stereotypes that you might have come across in your life and believed it to be the reality. Think twice before you repeat these to someone else…

1. A north eastern will always be stylish.

If you have a north-eastern friend, you will know how furious they get when they hear this. Such a stereotype is extremely unfair. Like all human beings some of them have a good sense of style while others may not. And it is absolutely fine to not dress impeccably as those fashionistas.


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2. South Indians means Madrasi!

If you ever went to school, you must know that South India comprises Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, now Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Therefore, all south Indians cannot possibly hail from the city Madras (Chennai). Hence, there are clearly more south Indians than Madrasis. Alright?


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3. English is the mother tongue of whole of South India.

Just because they don’t know Hindi, will you automatically assume that they know flawless English? Well, English and Hindi are both second languages down there people..!!



4. All Punjabis are loud!

Stereotypes are all unfair to those people who don’t conform to it. Imagine the trouble an introvert Punjabi faces owing to the fact that all around people expect her to be speaking nonstop all the time?



5. Being Fat means you can’t dance.

Saroj Khan, Ganesh Acharya, Vaibhavi Merchant, Mia Michael are all top choreographers who are not slim but are exceptionally successful because they know dance.



6. Jats are polite? Impossible!

You hate to talk to Jats? You find them rude? Have you never heard of the word cultural difference? That is just the way they talk! You don’t need to find it rude.



7. All Gujjus are kanjoos

It is most unfair to link kanjoosi to all the people hailing from a state. Just because most of our Gujju brothers and sisters are successful entrepreneurs makes them kanjoos? Not really…



8. If you are short, you can’t play basketball.

Being tall may give you a slight advantage at shooting baskets and blocking shots and intercepting passes, but talent doesn’t depend on the height of any person. Nate Robinson, Chris Paul, John Lucas are some giant names known for their game but not for their height!



9. All women are compassionate.

Just because God gave the woman a womb doesn’t mean that she inherently has the urge to produce babies and be compassionate to all. Respect the woman who decides never to have a child. And neither does compassion make a man any less of a man.




10. To be beautiful, you have to be fair.

This fixation with the fair skin is typical in India. The kind of sales fair and lovely does is in itself proof of it. Look beyond the fair skin to find beauty!



11. Men can’t do household chores.

Household work has been entrusted to women unfairly by the patriarchy since a very long time. In any case when the need arises, every person learns to do things on their own, irrespective of the gender. Men ‘would not’ do household chores is another matter, but they sure ‘can’ and many even do!!


Image source: trulymadly.com


12. All African people here in India are drug dealers.

Just because some people who were caught in drug trafficking happened to be Nigerians, does not mean all who look like them do the same thing. This is racist..!



13. Biharis are an uncultured and uneducated lot.

This one stereotype makes our friends from Bihar to feel ashamed to admit where they belong to. Please don’t be surprised when you encounter an IAS officer, or a lawyer, or a professor, or even a fashion designer who belongs to Bihar. It really is not that surprising if you knew the reality.



14. Doctors don’t have a good handwriting.

Do you think it must be some magic that keeps all the people who have good handwriting from deciding to become a doctor? Or you think they test the handwriting also during the entrance exam? Only people with bad handwriting must be eligible right?



15. Women are pathetic drivers.

This is a stereotype that has killed the dream of many women who once wanted to learn driving but got disheartened and fell prey to this stereotype. They are almost always the butt of driving jokes. Do the lady parts of a woman somehow impair driving skills? Seriously ? You believe this?



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