20 Indian Cities You Won’t Believe Have Their Own Special Nicknames

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Just like you and me, these Indian cities too have nicknames. I am pretty sure; you must be aware of these Indian cities but completely unaware about their nicknames. These cities are no stranger and wonders to us, but their names are really unique and resemble the importance of the particular city.

1. Beautiful city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is called as the Golden City of India. People who have visited this city would agree to the nickname.


2. Well do you know which city is known as Paris of India? It is Jaipur. Apart from the name, Pink city Jaipur is also called as Paris of India.


3. As the name goes, Gandhinagar is called as Eco Polite city of India.


4. We have an Indian version of Scotland here! It says Coorg due to its atmosphere and heart stealing environment.


5. Mumbaikars, did you know which city is called as Mini Mumbai? I’m sure you are unaware about this. It says Indore.


6. Bengaluru is the IT Capital of India or Garden city of India or Electronic city of India.


7. Boston of India and Manchester of India is the nickname of the city Ahmedabad.


8. While coorg being known as Scotland of India, Shillong is known as the Scotland of East.


9. Ruhr of India is the nickname of the famous Durgapur city in West Bengal.


10. Not known to few, Switzerland of Asia is sobriquet of Kashmir.


11. Do you know which is the city of Wrestlers? It is the Kolhapur city in Maharashtra.


12. The sleepless city of the city of Festivals is for the Madhurai city in Tamil Nadu.


13. Mumbai has several nick names which include City of Dreams, Maximum City, Gateway of India, Financial capital of India, city of seven islands and Hollywood of India.


14. Patiala is known as city of Maharaja or the Royal city, and is one of the biggest centre of Education in entire Asia.


15. You would easily predict this one! Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga City.


16. With elaboration of name, city of Vijayvada in Andra Pradesh is known as Place of Victory.


17. Diamond city of India or the textile city of India is situated in Gujarat and is known as Surat.


18. Udaipur has several nicknames like the white city, city of lakes and also Venice of the East.


19. Love the fruit leechi? So, here it goes. Land of leechi is Muzaffarpur in Bihar.


20. How can Pune miss the list? Pune is known as Queen of Deccan and the Oxford of East.


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