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May 28, 2018

A new NLP coaching module has been launched by Life Training Systems. It introduces the four phases and seven pillars of effective coaching.

Life Training Systems has launched a new NLP coaching skills diploma training module, allowing anyone to sign up to develop their coaching skills. Interested parties can take module 1 of the LTS – NLP Coaching Skills Diploma Training on the Life Training Systems site, and get access to six videos introducing the four phases and seven pillars of effective coaching.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that many people out there are looking to do effective coaching with NLP, and often they want to become an NLP life coach. In these situations, it’s important to ensure that any training modules have an NLP coaching course within it.

NLP training at the Practitioner or Master Practitioner level are usually a collection of tools and techniques designed to assist people to change. The techniques learned can help people to change their thinking, their focus and their attitudes.

The course is backed by the effective LTS Coaching Model, which is rooted in success. Life Training Systems believes that for anyone wanting to be really effective at creating quick and lasting results, NLP is the most complete way of delivering the right results in the right way.

A video is available on the URL above to explain the course and what people can learn through taking part in it. It covers the benefits of NLP training and what it can be used for going forward.

The site states: “Coaching with NLP can be made simpler and less of a guess when you use the process laid out in the LTS – NLP Coaching Skills Diploma System.”

It adds: “There are four very clear phases to a NLP coaching process and you have to go through them sequentially. Only moving onto the next phase having completed the previous phase.”

Interested parties can sign up to access the first module by checking out the URL above.

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