These 9 Pictures Prove That ‘God Of Alcohol’ Actually Exists In India


There is a God for wealth and prosperity, there is a God for health and career, and then there is a God for ganja too, but what do you worship if you are a ‘booze man’ or a ‘man of alcohol’? I have no clue. I just stumbled across these photos of a few dudes worshiping liquor, and they seem be happy and fun loving people who just love drinks and believe in the most awesomest God ever – ‘God Of Alcohol’, or shall we call it ‘Jebooze’? Check these out, and you’ll probably have LOL hangover after it.

1. It always starts with a prayer, and this is how they communicate with their favorite God.



2. Some of them use garlands and do puja before they start boozing.



3. And for heavy drinkers, they prefer offering hard drinks to their only God.



4. Daru-meditation not only helps you drink more, but it also helps you prevent a hangover.



5. Now, the party begins! All in the name of ‘The Booze God’.


Via facebook


6. When in trouble, the deity always comes to the rescue.



7. And do you know that there is a temple in Madhya Pradesh called Kalbhairav where people offer hundreds of liquor bottles to the God who drinks alcohol?



8. For some of the believers, Karva Chauth is altogether a different festival.


9. Everything is forgiven now! May the ‘God Of Alcohol’ fill your life with joy, peace and love.



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