Get Luxury Hardwood Floors With Engineered & Natural Reclaimed Wood Flooring From Specialists At ENMAR Hardwood Flooring Of Scottsdale

Jan 22, 2018

Arizona based hardwood flooring expert, ENMAR Hardwood Flooring, has announced it can help local customers with a wide range of wood sample options. It can provide both traditional and engineered wood and prides itself on its high-quality service.

ENMAR Hardwood Flooring, a Scottsdale floor installation and hardwood repair specialist company, has announced it can help local customers with a wide range of wood flooring options for their home. It works with a variety of partners to give Arizona residents the best choice of reclaimed hardwood installation companies in the local area.

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Some of the hardwood partners the company works with include D&M Flooring, Urban Floor, Hallmark Hardwoods, Virginia Hardwood, Gem Woods, Reward Hardwoods, Hemisphere Hardwood Flooring, and The Garrison Collection.

ENMAR Hardwood Flooring prides itself on its high-quality service and was founded on the idea of keeping customers happy with the best products on the market.

Its hardwood floor options are supported by experienced installation and craftsmanship, offering Arizona residents peace of mind when looking for the best hardwood floor specialist in the area.

ENMAR is a full-service hardwood flooring company, whose main specialty is the knowledge of wood flooring. The highly trained team of professionals works to get the best finish possible and is experienced enough to answer any questions customers might have.

A variety of woods are available for flooring options, with the most popular being oak. Other choices include bamboo, walnut, ash, and mahogany.

As well as traditional hardwoods, the company offers high quality engineered hardwood flooring, which is designed to be used in modern construction. It can precisely fit the concrete slab in the home, which is something that cannot be done with solid wood.

This allows for even more structural stability, makes it easier to install, and gives the homeowner the benefit of a true, premium wooden floor. Some of the benefits include the easy maintenance, a more structurally sound product with less expansion and contraction, and numerous species of wood available. Patio decks and pool areas are requested services customers can inquire about.

ENMAR strives to offer the customer the best service when it comes to hardwood flooring in Arizona. It has a large product selection, from unfinished wood floors to pre-finished, both engineered and solid woods. In addition to this, it can provide reclaimed wood flooring, exotics, and even gym floors.

Full details can be found at the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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