10 Of The Funniest Things We All Did As Kids

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Do you sometimes get nostalgic about your own childhood when you see small kids? Even though you are yourself not very old, do you get into the “humaare time pe toh…” mode?? There are possibly a million things that you might secretly wish to do again but would be dead embarrassed to actually be caught in the act in your age today! Out of those many things, we bring to you top ten funny things that you must have surely done as a child:

1. The food on plate was just not enough

The early days of pre-school were those when we just had to taste it all. How many of us could deny the fact that we ate mud, chalk and even the parts of wall falling out?



2. Bed sheets to the rescue

Watching our superheroes onscreen made us fall in love with them, so much so, that we tried imitating them by using bed sheets worn as drapes and magically transform into the Superman or the Batman.




3. My kingdom my come

Transforming the bed to a kingdom by carefully drawing out a landscape using pillows as barricades and even bed sheets as rivers and sometimes mountains such as to become kings and queens of this place and rule as pleased most of us loved doing.




4. If they can do it, I can too

Being a girl child and seeing the male siblings stand and pee made one wonder and try. Why can’t WE do that?



5. I got a ride baby

Any real car was too big for us. So, we used plates as steering wheel and large spoons as gear to drive away through the entire house in our own fancy, high-speed, imagined cars.




6. Wall is my Canvas

It is almost a common custom here in India to forget all about white-washing the walls for the next 5 years after a child is born. Everyone knows what a waste it is all going to be no matter how careful all the family members are. We kids used to be smarter than everyone!




7. Foam up the face boy

Foaming up the face and trying to shave off the non-existent hair on the face just like dad did every morning was a regular routine being a male child. We don’t want to be gender discriminatory here. Girls must have also done it with full probability.




8. Wanting to be WWE superstar

If you have a sibling, then this is on the top of your list, playing WWE with each other. All the rest may be play acting but this my friend, is some serious business.


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9. “Yes! That’s my house”

Our very own saathi of winters, the rajai (blanket) had more uses than to just keep warm. Using the razai to make an igloo and carry out all our secret business in it with the light of a torch was something that was perhaps the most exhilarating!




10. Curiosity to cook

Never being allowed near the stove only made us crave more to get a chance to be able to cook. When no tantrums worked, we were only more than happy to work out managing to make the perfect round rotis with the small amount of borrowed dough from Mum. No?



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