Asian Egg Donors are in High Demand in Toronto Canada

May 16, 2017

The World Egg Bank, expanded it’s reach into Toronto, Canada, by seeking Asian egg donors who are willing to help families in need in return for an all-expense paid trip to their state of the art facility in Phoenix, Arizona for retrieval and reimbursement.

Asian women struggling with infertility are met with a shortage of Asian donor eggs. During this period, time is not always a luxury and this shortage can allot for longer delays than desired. In order to provide for the demand of Asian eggs, The World Egg Bank is inquiring in Toronto to explore options to find healthy, Asian women to donate eggs.

The World Egg Bank is seeking women of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean descent. These women will qualify after completing an online application. If selected, medical screenings, medication training, and monitoring appointments will be completed at an approved clinic in Toronto. Concluding in, an all-expense paid trip to a state of the art laboratory and egg retrieval facility in Phoenix, Arizona for retrieval and reimbursement.

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Asian women who complete a full cycle will receive $8,0000 CAD on the day of retrieval. Also, receiving a daily per diem of $65 CAD while traveling and in Phoenix.

“There is a trending cycle that seems to be getting larger for the Asian population. For cultural reasons, egg banks have very difficult time recruiting Asian donors. In addition to this problem, there are more and more Asian recipients that are facing infertility issues of their own,” said Tonya Heilbrun, Client Representative.

The World Egg Bank is the first and most reputable. This one of a kind facility is the only egg bank that operates by singularly focusing on egg donors. The spa-like atmosphere and dedicated medical staff, were designed and hired to make the donor feel as comfortable as possible. The World Egg Bank is uniquely positioned to help Asian egg donors seeking a secure way to help a Toronto family in need.

Tonya Heilbrun explains, “It is heartbreaking for so many Asian women who want more than anything to carry a child and are simply being told there are no options for them. This is exceptionally difficult because the technology and options are there for all other ethnic backgrounds. If you are an Asian women between the ages of 18-32, please consider donating your eggs for other Asian women who desperately want a child and most importantly to have the same recourse and possibilities as everyone else.”

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