20 Times Humans Are Perfectly Lucky


Some people have the worst luck ever, and then there are those who have the awesomest of luck. Like avoiding a train by only 1cm, or being almost hit by a car while riding a bike. Either these people are super lucky, coincidence, or their guardian angels are watching over them, you decide!

1. I bet the cameraman almost shit his pants lol

2. This is why topnotch engineering saves lives.

3. Lucky biker used all of his luck with this one.

4. Another lucky biker.

5. Daredevil biking on a very narrow handrail……..

6. Cat with head stuck in a jar, I hope she doesn’t get hurt!

7. Cat in the road is about to get flattened.

8. Climbing a cliff

9. Jumping from hundreds of feet just to do this…

10. Illegal u-turn and a kid running on the streets?

11. Kissing a snake is safe?

12. Cutting down a tree between two houses surely it would hit?

13. Get off or run?

14. Skiing fail or win?

15. When you almost get hit by a truck sliding on the snow…

16. Hitting guard rails in 3…2…

17. What happens when a window glass falls on your head?

18. Almost run over by a tank during photo op

19. What a very close fit

20. This is why you don’t drive fast on a muddy road


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