20 People Who Should Be Banned From Working


Simple jobs yet people can’t still do them properly. They should be banned from working at any cost.

1. Who’s gonna be able to park there? LOL

2. Those are some nice green tangerines

3. Hint: this is not a jigsaw puzzle

4. They forgot to edit his name lol

5. Clsoe?

6. How hard is it to spell one word lol

7. Wait, this isn’t Oreo

8. I bet the painter was drunk

9. Maybe it’s an optical illusion?

10. Nice shape huh

11. LOL

12. There’s a spy in our midst

13. Doesn’t look like it’s floating to me

14. Uhm…

15. My favorite Hobbit is Dobby

16. Very lazy!

17. Definitely stopped it for a time

18. That’s not even their flag lol

19. 24st Annual

20. LOL my mom would be furious


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