20 Funny Indian Tweets That Will Make You Cry With Laughter

Fun India

If you are not on Twitter then you are missing on a lot of fun. It’s where many of the cool kids are, funny and smart (although sometimes stupid too!).

You can find many funny Indian photos, comments, statements, tweets, sarcastic messages… People share very funny posts and photos there.

Just in case you don’t have a Twitter account, here are 20 funny Indian tweets that almost broke my ribs because I was laughing too hard.

Have fun!

1. The 5 Stages of an Indian man’s life

2. Experiencing the pain of pregnant women

3. When you are more geek and can’t relate to the current trend

4. But having a mathematician girlfriend is just the best thing ever

5. Life is great even though your parents threaten to disinherit you because you left the Whatsapp group

6. Sometimes it’s too funny because it’s real

7. When breaking something works both ways

8. This applies to students a lot. Like, A LOT

9. It’s okay to tell lies to avoid being punched


10. Paneer everywhere

11. We all know someone who made a big deal of going to the gym too

12. Disappointing when you found leopards instead of a Charizard

13. Or your first time at the gym ends you up in the hospital

14. But nothing beats it when a tweet describes your life accurately

15. And this brief description of a perfect day

16. Everyone in India understands Her


18. Test your friendship in 5 seconds

19. Did you watch Sultan? Admit it!

20. And finally, this man should win an award!


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