19 Funny & Horrific Vsauce Michael Stevens Memes That Unveil The Real Meaning of Science


Hey, Vsauce and DailyMoss here!

How can you not be in love with the Vsauce memes? Educational and super hilarious, they explore various aspects of our universe and human behavior and prove that we indeed live in an amazing world.

What if everyone jumped at ones ?! Super awesome question to ponder over.

Michael Stevens, the host of the TV show, makes you think about some quite interesting theories and asks you to look for logic in everyday stuff, events, and activities. Look for the Vsauce YouTube channel and you will enjoy an amazing day exploring scientific concepts and funny ideas.

In case you do not find the logic behind his theories or the don’t spit here images, even if you have no idea what the answer is to his curious questions, these funny science Vsauce memes will still succeed in putting a wild smile on your face. They will also help you understand the meaning of vsauce and science better.

1. Did you know pride can be estimated in numbers?

2. Do you know what it takes to become the tooth fairy?

3. Finally this secret has been revealed

4. So I begin…ah… done

5. Are you familiar with these jet fuel applications?

vsauce meme

6. The game is on!

vsauce meme

7. Isn’t that creativity at its best?

8. You will remember that next time you visit the WC.

vsauce meme

9. Are you on a diet?

vsauce meme

10. Do you know the dangers associated with counting profits?

11. Challenge accepted?

12. Do you possess these vital survival skills?

vsauce meme

13. How have we lived without Comic Sans?

14. Let’s watch our favorite Holocaust Documentaries!  Yeah!

vsauce meme

15. Cthulhu, where are you?

vsauce meme

16. Broadening your consciousness is easy

vsauce meme

17. New world record?

vsauce meme

18. Are you looking for diverse experiences?

vsauce meme

19. LOL! Daddy’s hilarious. vsauce meme



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