18 Hilarious Realities Ruined By Expectations


Reality is disappointing 9/10 of the time. But what makes it disappointing is us expecting more from it. But hey, it could be a hilarious experience too just like these 18 realities versus expectation photos.

1. This McDonald’s burger that looks like it’s tired of life

2. What an abomination

3. To be fair the firemen in my place look exactly like the one on the left..just kidding

4. The less you know the better 🙁

5. When a friend invites you to a barbecue

6. Left is my selfie and right is the one I was tagged on

7. Traveling expectations

8. Plus you can also see tons of plastic bags nowadays

9. Please do not body shame lol

10. Summer arrived early and melted Christmas

11. These alien baloons are looking high lol

12. They look like they are doing Tai Chi

13. But it looked so cool on him

14. It’s just hundreds of hours of boring desk work, no witty banters

15. This hits close to home

16. Someone please help her, she is drowning

17. I can draw a circle

18. Sometimes they fart too in their sleep


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