17 Memes That Alcoholics Out There Will Find Funny


Love alcohol and memes? You came to the right place. Note that these 17 items are funnier to look at when you are drunk. So get drunk right now!

1. hehehe

2. Share this post if you’ve done this

3. But it’s a neat hobby

4. I will obey

5. LOL exactly

6. I mean to bring all the boys in the yard

7. I have three little monsters at home and I need to forget

8. Please don’t judge him, he’s still a good dog

9. When an engineer becomes alcoholic

10. It’s a vicious cycle

11. He’s an Avenger and I’m a criminal

12. I am innocent sir

13. Only drunk people drunk text at 2am

14. Same

15. Even cats get drunk too lol

16. Sometimes you cry a lot too

17. One way ticket to the jail


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