15 Funny Adult Memes That Will Turn You On


Close the curtains… lower the blinds.. let’s go straight to number one.

The following memes are the type of online content that you would rather avoid sharing with your parents, especially if they are more conservative. The type of memes that you do not want to be caught starting at while at work….

The favorite memes of all those people who are crazy about sex and well… the type of memes they are looking at when they are not having it but still thinking about it. Addiction, what can you do about it?

  1. Ali G, the G spot and the consequences of having sex

2. Extremely ambitious prostitutes?

3. It is all a matter of choice – bad choice.

4. Oops.. things happen.

5. When you get two lines on the lemon test…

6. Guess who’s having Birthday sex ?

7. Take me to the nearest sex toy store

8. What are your sexy assumptions

9. Who wouldn’t enjoy such no-risk-of-child-support-payments sex

10. Sex within a political scenario

11. Once you get all the stamps, you get orgasms?

12. So is it a point of perspective ?

13. The best “Good morning”

14. What a sexy dilemma!

15. What men dream of ?





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